This book is the result of collective endeavor of professors, scholars, and practitioners possessing more than ten decades of combined experience in performing, managing and teaching effective communication across cultures.

My twenty+ years of research as well as practical work in intercultural communications led me to the concept of translation as more than just transcoding, rendering or delivering messages between the speaker and the recipient. I view translation in a broader context of intercultural communication, where the translator's vision and understanding of cross-cultural communication process as a whole, in the integrity of its linguistic and extralinguistic features, cognitive and communicative aspects, is crucial for the resulting interaction between the participants of communication.

This book presents traditional translation problems as an array of strategic choices that determine the success of cross-cultural interaction. Equipped with the existing solutions, the translator is expected to create the translation that would meet the ultimate criterion of translation equivalence - satisfying similar cognitive and communicative needs of the target audience in the respective communicative situation.

I consider myself very fortunate to have met on my life path the outstanding people, my esteemed colleagues, who became authors of this book. Working with these people inspired me and gave me strength. They helped me find answers to many difficult questions, even though sometimes they held very different opinions. I am sincerely grateful to all the authors who contributed their talents, expertise, knowledge and passion to cooperating with me in the creation of this book.

From the bottom of my heart, my love and gratitude to my muses, supporters and inspirers - my husband Vladimir and my son Alexey.

Dr. Tatiana Andrienko,
General Editor
California, U.S.A.
July, 2019